Children’s Yoga

Yoga will benefit children and young people in many ways. They will develop greater levels of flexibility and stamina, increased core strength and muscle development, improved posture, balance, body awareness and motor co-ordination, listening and communication skills.

The fun, creative, interactive games will bring yogic practises alive for children, preparing them for a healthy future!

There are also emotional and psychological benefits for chidren practicing yoga. These include increased attention span and levels of resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence, emotional self-regulation.  Yoga can help prepare children to deal with challenges in a more reflective way rather than reactive.

Classes are appropriate for school children aged from four to twelve year’s old.

The children will experience yoga through playing games and enjoy creating their own sequences of the poses they have learned, as well as learning simple breathing and relaxation techniques.

Anyone twelve year’s and over can join some of the adult classes as well as come to the specially designed teen yoga and meditation classes.