Why Yogada?


Modern life has become somewhat frenetic, progressively so; and this seems to be the case for all of us regardless of age and/or walk of life.  How do we manage all of our stresses?  Hence the recent upsurge in finding ways to relax has become exponential.

The name “Yogada” was inspired by Swami Yogananda’s “The Autobiography of a Yogi”.  Everyone on the Yogic journey should have a copy!

“Yoga” means to yok or bring together mind, body, heart and spirit and

“Da” is the place wherein to do this. –

Yogada Studios!  Of course, it is the energy of people that make a space into a community hub, vibrant and joyful!

Envision a time when you felt a sense of total ease in all respects and you felt yourself flowing in life. Often times, this comes to us when we are on holiday or away from our busy-ness – at the beach watching the horizon over the calm sea maybe, or it might be felt when playing with children or perhaps when in the flow of an important development at work.

Through the practice of yoga, it is possible to access and extend that sense of ease for longer periods and experience it more often.  Crucially, we can work towards retaining our ease even when our external circumstances are difficult or we’re particularly busy.

And if you already have that joyousness within you, then by meeting likeminded people maybe you can deepen that sense of peace and joy beyond just yourself.  The connectedness has a rippling effect, like a pebble being dropped into a lake.

Yogada is a place to study the science of yoga in its widest sense.  It is a journey inwards, an exploration to bring yourself to know, feel and experience the essence of who you truly are and to explore your meaning and purpose in this life, whether you are a child, teenager, adult or approaching the wisdom years of your life.


According to Yogic philosophy, there are as many paths we can take to experience the longed-for sense of union.  The path you choose might depend on where you
are in your circle of life and on your own preferences as well as your physical

  • Through the mind, in other words, through knowledge- learning how to, otherwise known in Sanskrit as Gnana Yoga;
  • Through the body, in other words, through action, and this may initially be a phase of  simply bringing the body in to motion through
    stretching and poses (Asanas) and through realigning the body.  As one becomes practiced, we may enter a
    phase of selfless action or Karma Yoga;
  • Through the heart, (known as Bhakti yoga), as compassionate practice towards the self and others; or
  • Through the Spirit, sitting in meditation stilling the mind to (Raj yoga)


But in the end all paths bring one to a sense of wholeness and access to your higher Self.  It is a process and it is progressive, requiring attention to yourself and for yourself.  As you journey this path and as you drop some of your past conditioning, you may begin to find that you are lighter (what better way to nourish yourself).

Here at Yogada Studios, it is our vision to help and support each person on their journey, providing the ”How”, a roadmap if you like. You can experience different practices, and we’ll be teaching practical ways in which to make changes through a variety of Yoga and meditation classes.  Something for everyone! And we have an army of compassionate and skilled teachers that can help you.

We are all on this same journey and we are looking forward to working creatively together for ourselves, for each other and for the community as a whole.


My soul honours your soul

I honour the place within you where the entire universe resides,

I honour the light love beauty and peace within you

Because it is also within me

In sharing these things, we are united, we are the same we are one 

(author unknown)