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Our classes and workshops have been specially designed with you in mind, understanding that needs differ depending on what stage one is, in life’s journey. There is something for everyone: from babies through to those in their 90s and everyone in between; for those simply wishing to enjoy a cat stretch to those who want to relax and rest the mind; for those with physical challenges (using yoga props) to those who are too busy.

Not only have we designed a wide range of options, we also have a variety of methods of delivery – from group classes, private therapy and healing sessions to delivering classes and workshops to the businesses in the local community.


Hatha YOGA

Yoga is a scientific exploration that unites the mind body heart and spirit. Hatha yoga is one of the best-known ways to do this as start with exploring the movements of the body. As such, it refers to all physical forms of yoga, encompassing sun salutations, dynamic flow, yin yoga and many other types of physical movement. Essentially Hatha Yoga involves movement with awareness through breath, stillness in different poses, intention and affirmations, visualisation, specific life-affirming breathwork (pranayama) and relaxation.


Meditation is a way to slow the mind and find stillness and calm. The mind can be likened to a mainframe computer that never switches off, it is responsible for everything! In order to allow the mainframe to work to its optimum level, it needs to delete unwanted memory, find space for the new rest and replenish. The first stage of meditation is simply to focus the mind or concentrate. 

Active flow for increased energy

An active flow (traditionally know as a vinyasa flow) is a form of Hatha yoga, where you move from one pose to the next, connecting each pose with breath.  The practice can be incredibly invigorating when practised in a dynamic way or indeed very calming where the practice is slow and meditative.  Either way, one is able to shift negative damaging energy and feel a vibrancy through the movement of the body.

This class is for beginners and intermediates, over the age of 12.  The poses can be adapted for those with restrictive movement.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a specific type of Hatha Yoga developed in the 70s.  Through a slow paced practice, the deep connective tissues of the body, the ligaments, joints, bones and deep fascia networks are targeted for release and rejuvenation. During the Yin Yoga class, one can expect to place the body in a series of gentle stretch poses, staying in each for a few minutes at time, using breath to relax and thus allowing the body to move naturally in to a deeper pose without force.  

Yin Yoga is ideal for rebalancing the body after participating in strength based activities or simply to relax in a slow paced class.  Whislt suitable for those recovering from injury, the class is not suitable during pregancy.  

Masterclasses Workshops and Retreats

We have prepared a suit of masterclasses, workshops and retreats designed to deepen your practice; whether you are simply interested, a teacher yourself or an ardent yoga enthusiast, there will be something for everyone.  These sessions are additional to the membership scheme.

Private Sessions

The private sessions are designed and delivered bespoke to your personal needs and wishes by skilled teachers.  Many people request one-to-one sessions for a number of reasons (and usually for more than one): relieving the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression; changing habits; rebalancing the the immune systemen or digestive system; improving performance  or to simply deepen your practice.With the right teacher, it is possible to achieve your desired goal and often much more.   Contact us to discuss your individual sessions.

Corporate and Community visits

At Yogada, we believe that Yoga should be accessible to all and so if you are a charity or a corporate and have the right space and facilities at your place of work we can bring yoga to you for the well-being of your staff.  Again, this isadditional to the membership.  If you are interested, please Contact us to to discuss further.