Our Wish

It is our wish that Yogada Studios is the vibrant Community Hub in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, with strong foundations and deep roots, blossoming outwards into the local community, spreading peace and joy. A place where

  • you can be yourself, spend time to rediscover and experience simply being
  • you can learn the experiential science of yoga and meditation in a place that provides the foundation for your own regular practice in a variety of forms
  • you can tap in to a life-affirming energy source (know as Prana) and enjoy the healing journey to self discovery
  • each person feels supported in their therapeutic journey towards their own well-being
  • inspiration and creativity is nurtured
  • peace and tranquillity can be felt, re-energising away from the busy-ness and demands of life in a place made for relaxation
  • excellence in teachers is encouraged
  • compassion and non-judgement exists for all
  • there is a sense of connectedness with others and friendships flourish

A place filled with vitality. a hub brimming with fun, energy, openness and affection, such that

“The Whole IS Greater than the Sum of its Parts.” (Aristotle)

What’s in a name!

“Yoga”, a sanskrit word, means yoking of the Mind Body Heart & Spirit 

where all parts come together to bring unity within oneself and with eachother.

“Da” is the place wherein to do this…

The name Yogada was inspired by Paramhansa Yoganada’s book “The autobiography of a Yogi”.  And it perfectly describes our beautiful vibrant Community Hub!

It is our aspiration that those who take the journey inwards, for whatever reason (physical, psychological, emotional health and well-being) begin to understand and experience the true concepts behind the science of yoga and meditation.  And that this allows each person to feel a sense of ease, peace and connectedness within themselves, with others and with the community as a whole.

This is the beginning of our journey together and we look forward to you joining us.