“Your body can do it. It’s your mind you need to convince” Anonymous



Due to COVID-19

Currently the only classes available are online classes

See schedule

2021 Membership & Subscriptions

Monthly Membership (cancel any time)

Once a week £25 per month (£5.76 per class)
Twice a week £40 per month (£4.61 per class)
All classes £50 per month (£2.88 per class)

Pay As You GO

Individual online classes only £7

Specialist (Term Time Only)

Yoga Babies and Prenatal Yoga classes are held in collaboration with Diana's Health & Fitness.
Please enquire on 01933 277344

Individual Therapy Sessions

Free First half hour consultation.
£50 per hour
10% discount on purchase of 6 sessions

Masterclasses Workshops and Retreats

These are individually priced and can be booked online

Private Sessions

Individual bespoke sessions can be bought singularly or in bundles of sessions.

Please contact us for an initial assessment and to discuss your needs

Corporate and Community visits

Corporate and community visits can range from single weekly sessions or monthly/one off workshops or indeed a combination.

Please contact us for an initial assessment and to discuss your needs