A place of compassion and non-judgement where skilled teachers with many years of experience with a range of different disciplines can help guide you through your practice.

Rajeshri Rajani (Raj)

Founder and Director

My journey into Yoga has been a long and winding one. I started my career as a Chartered Accountant and continue to run my own practice, today and so very much in the busyness of the world.  Growing up, my parents were steeped in the traditions of yoga and meditation which I observed at a distance until my own children came along, 18 years ago.  It was a process and eventually as my life changed, I deepened my practice through 4 years of teacher training and yoga therapy and I continue to study different forms of Yoga.

My life as is the case with many others, I am sure has not been smooth-sailing.  Today, I have a daily practice of yoga and meditation which inspires me with a gentle stream of contentedness and ease… things seem to flow more naturally, even during difficult times.  My passion for yoga is ever increasing; and the more I do, the more I want to share with everyone because it has been a life changing experience. My style is spiritual, intuitive, creative & supportive.

Karen Ross

Yoga teacher

I started my yoga journey at university. I was a National level swimmer looking for a bit of a stretch! I loved the tranquillity it brought to my mind as I prepared for my races.  Practicing yoga has been a saviour… through 3 pregnancies, a divorce and everything life has thrown at me!

I qualified as a yoga teacher over four years ago I find the more I practice, the more I want and need to return to my mat. It brings me so much joy to spend time breathing consciously, stretching, strengthening my body, reconnecting to my deepest self, and finding stillness. And it is this that I want to share with others.

Karen Bolton

Children’s Yoga Teacher

I love working with children and love their energy and enthusiasm.  I am very passionate about yoga and the physical, mental and emotional benefits it brings.

I am also a special needs class teacher and a children’s yoga teacher. I have a diploma in counselling and have worked as a primary school teacher and special needs co-ordinator for over 20 years.


Liz Willis

Yoga Teacher

Having practised Yoga for over 30 years, I have been a qualified Yoga teacher for the past 16 years.

I teach mainly Hatha Yoga, and I really love the physical benefits gained from moving mindfully, as well as the effects yoga practise has on the breath and mind. I have qualifications in Indian Head Massage and Reiki II. More recently I have studied for a Diploma in Yoga Therapy.

Amanda Egan

Tai Chi and DaoYin Teacher

I have been practising and teaching Tai Chi and DaoYin exercises for wellbeing for over 30 years.  As well as teaching at Yogada you can find me at WellSpring Taiji 

Continuing my training and development, I have progressed through the grading system of the Nei Chia Association and became Taijiquan instructor in 1994.   I have travelled to China for further training and to see some of the diverse landscapes and culture.  Joining Longfei Taijiquan Association and I have attended courses with world class Tai Chi masters as well as seminars on sets of DaoYin exercises. I aim to create an atmosphere in which each person can join in gently and learn at their own pace and, when the class flows through Tai Chi together, everyone gains in confidence, coordination and relaxation.

ö-Sèl Nyima

Feldenkrais Teacher

Born in England, my name is Tibetan, I was brought up in Australia and Taiwan and educated in America. I relocated to Britain six years ago. You could say that I am globally complex.   I am also a Buddhist having taken my vows over twenty years ago as an ordained Buddhist.

In 2006, I graduated from a four-year Feldenkrais training course and began teaching as a full time Feldenkrais practitioner in New York and Europe.  I also teach traditional Pilates and Tibetan Buddhist meditation.

Susan Royle

Yoga Teacher

I qualified as as Yoga teacher 6 years ago with Yoga Alliance and teach weekly classes, my aim is to share Yoga and demonstrate the many yoga lineages making this mental and physical practice accessable to all whilst demistifying some of the beliefs postures and philosophy to ensure every experience is engaging and enjoyable and sharing how Yoga can be incorporated into our everyday lives, capturing the elegance of the postures and the positive influences a regular practice provides.